Thursday, August 22, 2013


As the kids are getting older (ages 6 and 8) and as my life is getting more hectic (hello, grad school!); I am putting this blog on hiatus.

I may pick it back up at some point, but as of right now I have chosen to put my time and energy elsewhere. Thank you all for coming along on the ride as I figured out what the heck I was doing as a mother.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

So...Hi there.

Hey everybody!

After Saturday's massive photodump I'm sure you would like some context.

Ad & Oney are OBSESSED with Legos. And I am totally okay with that because they can play together or they can play separately, but Legos is something they always agree on.

For Christmas, Santa (via Aunt Toots) got the kids (and us) passes to the Legoland Discovery Center in Schaumburg, IL. We went on Saturday, spent 2.5 hours in the Discovery Center and another 30 minutes in the Lego Store attached to the Discovery Center. The kids had a blast. They spent most of their time building with the countless Legos on the upper level. And it cracks me up that we had to drive an hour so that they could build with Legos--something they do every day at home. We rode the rides and ate the Pizza and had a good time.

As for me, I have been busyBUSYbusy. I am volunteering at Fiona's school on Tuesdays, teaching private art lessons on Wednesdays, reading Tarot (at a metaphysical shop) and taking belly dance lessons on Thursdays. I'm also contributing arts and crafts articles twice monthly to The Pagan Village, as well as maintaining my KaraPaints blog. I'm looking to re-open my Etsy shop next month.

This little blog has fallen by the wayside as a result of all of the other activity. I'll update as I can find the time. You all are the best!