Friday, February 16, 2007

More evidence

that my husband is a strange, strange man.

His comment on my pregnancy:

It's creepy. It's like you're running a hotel for small bald people in your uterus.

Monday, February 12, 2007


I have been lazy of late. Call it the weather, call it the pregnancy, call it lazy. Whatever. I haven't been taking pictures or doing laundry or posting to the blog, as I know I should. Instead I have been re-reading books, playing with Adrian and trying out new recipes (banana cinnamon pancakes--yum!). Oh yes... I've also been on the phone. A lot. Trying to work out the logistics of travel and schedules and talking about really big dogs.
So there are things you may have missed if you haven't been on the receiving end of those calls. The first that I feel the need to share with you is this:
Aaron enjoys incense. Maybe it's because he never went through the whole normal college routine, or maybe it's because he associates it with good times in Kuwait, but whatever the reason he gets to burn it in the basement--which is primarily his little club house. All of that is fine and dandy except that the basement is where the computers live, and I too have a need for internet access and photo editing software. The newest incense of choice has an aroma that I can only describe as an old lady's boudoir. It's...unique...pungent...and slightly unpleasant. So while my nose is being assailed by this latest in odiferousness, my brain is trying hard to remember why I sat down at the computer in the first place and where is that old lady hiding, because I can smell her...