Monday, May 14, 2012

Yesterday was Mother's Day. Also known as: Pajama Day! I like to take very nearly any excuse to spend the day in my pajamas. After dinner (left overs smorgasbord) last night, the kids wanted to go outside to play. I was sitting in the living room reading when I heard Adrian making "karate" noises--I looked out the window to see him with a day lily leaf tied around his head.

Here he is, striking a pose. 

Fiona, meanwhile, was creating a nest. For tigers.

Check out these muscles.

Searching for more nest-making materials.

Adrian, Fiona, and the Mulberry tree.

In action!

And it was after 15 minutes of trying to achieve a photograph of Fiona's face that I reached the conclusion that I need a faster camera. My shutter speed is no match for a four-year-old on the move. 
I guess I know what's going on my birthday list....

Have a wonderful week!
We'll be outside, enjoying the weather.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Every new beginning...

Today, I have an interview at a new tattoo shop. I am cheerfully accepting all good-luck wishes. Friday will be my last day at the shop where I currently work. 

Over the weekend, I started a short story. I had started to read another book, and I couldn't because this other story kept pushing it's way to the front of my brain. When I realized that I had read the same sentance 5 times without comprehending it, I put down the book and began to get the words out of my head. Right now, all I can tell you is that it is a story about a journey, both physical and metaphysical, and there may be some magic in it. 

I also have been making appointments for the kids to fill out all of the necessary papers for their return to school in the fall, and trying to figure the best way to occupy them this summer...pool pass? classes? trips to visit family? All of these options hinge on my interview today.

And I have been working on a project, to be revealed June 1. It's kind of a big deal, and I'm excited.

Stay tuned.