Monday, April 24, 2006

more signs of spring

The choke cherry tree in our back yard--
heavenly scented delicate blossoms.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Eggs n' such

We're home, and I am pooped. And about 2 days behind on my to-do list.
I figured at the very least I should get some photos up for those of you who couldn't come and play last weekend.
This one here is a teaser. You can find the rest over at Flickr.
Adrian has his 18 month check up on Thursday, so I'll definately fill y'all in after that.
Tomorrow I need to spend all of my free time in the studio.
Squeezes all around.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Monday, yesterday, was Adrian's second music class. He was excited this time, and seemed to catch on quickly. He was also eager for praise from our instructor, Ms. Sarah. When he got the hang of something he'd leave my lap and march right up to Ms. Sarah to show her that he totally knew what was what. I found it funny to watch him interact with the other kids, to walk away from me and assume that I would be there when he turned around. It was nice, but kind of sad--as much as I complain about him hanging on me, I also enjoy being the ultimate comforter and boo-boo fixer. Watching him befriend others and feel comfortable in a new setting made me realize how temporary this phase in his life is. Sigh. On the other hand, it looks like he's ready to take on the world...maybe as supreme ruler, with marshmellows for all.
This photo is especially for Granpa--see the Hawkeye's pants? Adrian's choice. Indoctrination complete. (Cue fight song)
And here is evidence that he is getting taller, if not gaining any weight (23 pounds and holding, baby!) Those are feety pajamas. Minus feet, as I can't zip them up when the feet are attched--previously they used to trail after him down the hall, making him look as though he was reenacting scenes from Stephen King's Misery. (I can't read King novels anymore. Haven't been able to since early adolescence, really. They give me perpetual heebie jeebies).

Today we took a jaunt down to the health food store to get more Rice Milk for Adrian. Then we came home and played in the yard, until we noticed our neighbor (Teenie) out washing her car. In an effort to be neighborly, we went over and struck up a conversation. And then we wound up caravaning down to the food pantry and I have an appointment to get set up as a regular client next week. Because as Teenie says "it's not about being poor--it's about putting your money to better use".
Teenie says a lot of things.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Any day is a good day to play with some jewelry. Adrian especially enjoys bracelets, as they can be worn on the arm or the foot.
See how well he smiles for the camera? Also, I have to tell you, I am loving my new camera. (Cannon Powershot S2 IS) A good digiCam is one of the joys of life.
One last photo of the bejeweled wonder.
Tomorrow is music class! And now that I know where the joint is located-- tucked in the back of the stripmall, up the hill, completely invisible from the road--I anticipate less squirming from the A-man. Of course I'll still have to listen to him pull at his car seat straps and demand "out! out!" for the majority of the ride. He'll quiet down for a verse or two of "the wheels on the bus", but I can only come up with so many noises a bus can make. Maybe tomorrow there will be hippos on the bus....

Monday, April 03, 2006

Mountaineer Flecker

So when I talk about Adrian being a crazy, climbing monkey I'm not exaggerating. Here is photographic proof :Step one: climb into basket of clean laundry. (Also note that mom and dad could use some extra storage space for that giant pile of clean linens in the background)
Step two: hoist self onto bed, using foot rail as leverage.
Step three: smile pretty for the camera.
It's not just the bed. It's anywhere, everywhere all day long.

That's why I was hoping to burn some of this energy off with playdates (went fine, but J is almost 4, not almost 3 as I had thought), Gymboree music class (he was a little intimidated at first, but seemed to get the hang of it), and Story time at the library. There's no verdict yet on any of it, other than all that stuff wears me out.