Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Pictures! Times four.

Did you know that I have four drafts of posts that never went live? I started a thought, got called away, and when I came back to it I discovered I had run out of things to say.

So I will regale you with photographs and short stories...
My superawesome brother and his superawesome girlfriend came to stay. When I walked into the room, my brother was using his girlfriend as a laptop desk and explaining something sciencey to the kids. He's like that. He also dislikes having his photo taken, so I think in the past 25 years I have 3 photos of him NOT pulling a face. The kids adore them, and it's always a major bummer to see them leave (Darn you, Connecticut! Why are you so far away?!)

Last week my sister in law had a baby girl! I'M AN AUNT! I'm pretty stoked about this because I had the two coolest Aunts on the planet growing up (even cooler than the ones in Practical Magic--hard to believe, but true). Aunt Carmela and Aunt Jan gave me some serious ideas about what it means to be an aunt, and I plan to live up to the title. 

Here's Fiona holding her cousin; Avery. Double the cute.

And here is Adrian, remarkably good with tiny humans. 

And here is the gruesome twosome at Lake Katherine. I took a dozen photos, and this was the best one. 

Our summer has been busy, near to over-full and I haven't gotten much rest. This week, the kids are with their grandparents so I am making art, riding my bicycle, going to yoga, blogging, and taking an online class. So I probably won't get a whole lot of rest this week either...