Sunday, October 30, 2005


Tomorrow! It is Halloween!
And what you should be reading here now is how much wonderfun* Adrian is.
But I am tired and my throat is a little scratchy. Come close and I will breathe my germs on you!

So I am going to bed. But first I must brush my teeth. Because I am obsessed with having clean teeth. It's one of those things...whatdoyacall'em? Neuroses. Yes.

That's the ticket.

*sometimes my brain makes odd contractions. This was one of my favorites. another good one is hummo (a hummer limo)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Moral Dilemma

I'm stuck between wanting to do right by the planet and wanting to minimize the amount of ungodly fussing that occurs during diaper changes. Right now, we're using Seventh Generation brand diapers--they're earth-friendly and they work wonderfully. But I am beginning to believe the marketing hoopla that surrounds those pull-on diapers.

hmm...Convenience versus a less-toxic future planet.
I guess it's not really a contest, is it?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Me, me, me!

Okay, so I know I started this little bloggity-doo-dah to keep far-flung-family abreast of Adrian's milestones and what have yous. But I am going to take this post and talk about me. And you can't stop me! (But if you're so inclined you can leave. No hard feelings. Except I'm watching you and I know who you are.)

Yes indeed. Adrian has been here for nearly a year now and I wake up on a regular basis with the thought: Holy shit. I'm someone's mom.
Now, I know how to do all those basic baby-care essentials thanks to YEARS of baby sitting and I have a pretty good idea of what a mom should be thanks to having a really great role model (hey ma!); but seriously. I'm someone's mother. I'm responsible for the socialization of another human being. I have to make sure that he eats and sleeps and wears a coat when it's cold outside. And a hat. Although getting Adrian to wear a hat is a full-on battle royale. He's under the impression that it's some kind of game: I put this thing on his head and he takes it off. We've played at this for 20-30 minutes before I give up, frustrated and ready to bang my head against a wall.
I'm not sure where I got this idea but I thought that when you were a grown-up you'd wake up one day and feel different. That's a big negative. And again, for some reason I thought being a mom would make me feel different. I feel tired, I feel stressed out, I feel awed as I watch Adrian grow and learn, but I'm still pretty much the same person. Minus the going out for a drink and a night on the town bit.
Also, you think I would have figured this out before now, but Moms don't get a vacation. Saturday? Sunday? Just two more days of the week where you feed, clothe, wipe noses and bottoms. There's still laundry, and dishes, and vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms. Except now it's American-Gladiator-style, because you're doing all of those things with a tiny person hanging off of your legs or arms.
Which is to say:
This is hard. This is work.

Hands down the most difficult job I've ever had.
So you'll have to forgive me if I get a crazed look when you ask me when we're planning on having another one.
Because, seriously? Two? Are you out of your mind?

Friday, October 21, 2005

here y'are.

The bot that I use to post photos is running reeeally slow. So you can go here to see photos rather than checking back later.

Although I'd love to see you again.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Patience, my pets!

Aaron's computer is completely kicking my ass. I can't get it to recognize the camera plugged in to the USB--he'll have to figure it out later. Not now, because now he's watching Adrian so that I get a chance to say hello. (Hello!)
The short of all that is that you're going to have to wait just a little while longer for photos.
You'd think that I'd have amassed a ton of them over the past 6 weeks, but it's difficult to chase a baby and keep track of a camera. Not to mention the fact that every time I bring it out, Adrian wants to give it the once over. I have a lot of pictures of his hands and his forehead.

Monday, October 17, 2005

What you may have missed

Oh! SO many things have happened in the past six weeks, dears.
Adrian has four tiny teeth, and he grinds them..Incessantly. It's my new least-favorite noise. It makes my skin want to crawl off of my body and hide under the bed.
We've also discovered the "joy" that is separation anxiety. And let me say "whee". There's nothing quite like taking a shower while your child screams at the door...Except perhaps having a two-and-a-half foot bathroom attendant.
On the amusing side of things, Two-ton-Tony has discovered that he can put his finger in his nose. And he does. All the time. While he's thinking, while he's watching TV, when he's mad.
It's a sight to behold.

And now I have to go because Aaron's working night shifts now and needs to go to bed.

More on that when I can steal a few minutes.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Home again, home again

jiggity jog.

well, we're back online! It's only been a month and a half, and my inbox was obscene. Thanks to everybody who listened when I said "I don't have internet so don't send me anything".
The rest of you yahoos got my email account temporarily closed.

But everything is now fixed and I am online and photos will be forthcoming.
Our new house is super cute, and I like it a lot. It reminds me of my parents' house--it was built around the same era (post WWII), and has a nice flow.
In between crying over the fact that the movers threw out ALL OF MY PAINT, and laughing at the antics of my sweet little boy I've been very busy.
Adrian now has four teeth (two top, two bottom), and his vocabulary has expanded to include "baboo" (balloon) and "bac" (vacuum). His all purpose word is now "bah". It means: bird, bath, truck, ceiling, pictures, baby, and 'hey, let's go over there'.
But first I have to go and see what I missed in everyone else's life in the past 6 weeks, starting with Sarah, as she is about to pop.
I am experiencing a warm glow as the internet-shaped hole in my heart is being filled.