Monday, January 31, 2005

Indian food for dinner

Last night I had Chicken Tikka Masala for dinner (my absolute favorite), and then I dreamt that I was back in the hospital in labor. Except that I delivered a brightly colored parrot instead of Adrian.
Is it possible that my son is actually a bird and I just haven't noticed?

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Update: 3 months!

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Sweet Adrian,

Today you are three months old! It's hard to believe that 13 weeks ago you were living inside of me.
This past month you've really begun to shine. You insist on sitting up (with assistance) whenever the opportunity arises, which means that play time is now twice the work for us as we have to keep you from tumbling over with one hand and parade toys in front of you with the other. You've taken to clasping your hands in front of you which is very cute, but not very good for holding things--you've knocked yourself in the face a couple of times while clutching your rattle and trying to clasp your hands. Another new development is that you rub your feet together when you're happy or excited about something--a trait you apparently received from your Grandpa Flecker. We call it your "cricket feet". In addition to that you've amassed a few other noteworthy nicknames:
Mister mister (Courtesy of your father, usually used when you're fussing)
Sir Hiccupson the Gallant (You get the hiccups regularly...It's fairly amusing)
Dr. Ion (from A-dr-i-an...dr. i. an...Dr. Ion! We figure you can use it if you ever become a super villain a la Marvel Comics)
Wee Man
Lizard Boy (You stick your tongue out like you're tasting the air when you get hungry)

This month you've also taken to "talking" to your father when he gets home. He then talks to you in various accents, which you think is hilarious. I really enjoy your shrieks of joy in response to his rendition of an Irish Brogue. You usually converse back and forth while you stand on his lap, clutching his thumbs for balance. You're not nearly as expansive when you babble at me...I suspect that your first words will be to your father. I love to watch the two of you interact.

You and I spend all day together; eating and napping in the morning and then eating and going for a walk or playing on the floor (depending on the weather) capped off with your monster afternoon nap.
You've become more aware of your environment, but don't yet have the ability to explore it on your own--which means that I spend most of my day as a toy-prop. Your favorite two toys are a book with pictures of animals in it and a rattle in the shape of the sun. I know that you enjoy these because you babble and do cricket feet when you see them. Other toys get 15 seconds of your attention, but those two work for 3-4 minutes each. We've tried the Baby Einstein: Baby Bach video but you'll only watch from someone's lap and only for a few minutes at a time.

Each day with you is a joy. Which isn't to say that I don't ever feel exhaustion or frustration (because then I'd be a robot), but your sunny disposition really takes the edge off of not being able to eat or shower or brush my teeth until you drift off to sleep.

We love you, wee man. Happy 3 month day!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What time is it?

Hello All!

4 days until Adrian is officially 3 months old.
I just want to know: which of you is responsible for resetting his internal clock? Because I am going to find you and poke you with a very sharp stick.
Last night Adrian decided to eat every 3 hours...the night before he went to sleep at nine and woke up at 5:30am to eat. I really must say that I prefer the sleeping for a long time. Yes my boobs get full, and yes it's uncomfortable--but it's nothing compared to the dragon lady I turn into when I'm laying in bed like a soft-serve ice cream machine starving half to death because I've been burning calories making milk all night long. I got up at 5:30 this morning to shove a biscuit in my face and pour a glass of water down my throat only to return to bed and discover wee man wide awake.
WIDE AWAKE I tell you.
And how do I know that he was wide awake? Because he was talking to himself, and to me, and to the ceiling fan. And do you have any idea how cute it is to listen to a 12 week old baby babble and coo at a ceiling fan? It's hard to be upset about being sleep deprived when you're overwhelmed with that much cuteness.
I maintain that being cute is a natural defense mechanism.

And something completely random:
Who's bright idea was it to put pointy things in nursing bras? I nearly impaled myself when the pointy thing worked its way out of the side of my bra. (For the record that's 3 nursing bras that I have destroyed. My breasts are like supervillians in the underwear world.)

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Because I am so sneaky....

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I only have a few seconds here, as I have handed the baby off to Aaron and just disappeared without explaining where I was going (to feed my blog addiction!)
I also only have a few seconds because as of last week (week 11 of project raise-the-baby) Adrian has hit another growth spurt. This being (I figure) the much acclaimed 3-month growth spurt. True, he sleeps more. Also true, he eats more.
Not more per sitting, oh no.
More frequently.
As a result, I have been tethered to him for 3 email, no long leisurely showers, no styling of hair or putting on of make up.
(and I hear him now....)
Enjoy the photo of the baby bather, and try to ignore the fact that the bathroom wallpaper is actually contact paper.
It's a rental, people. There's nothing I can do about it.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Thanks for the lovely time....

The other night I went to an all-female social gathering, and I brought along wee Adrian so the ladies could see him. (After all, they did throw us a baby shower a few months back.)
The event was held in someone's home. This individual also has an infant, a few weeks older than our little man. I had a good time talking with people I hadn't seen in a while, and Adrian didn't seem to mind all the extra attention.
However! The following day the host's husband approached my husband to ask if I had absconded with his infants pacifier.
Now seriously,people. Why would I take anything that didn't belong to me? Let alone a pacifier? If I really needed one, they cost like $1.50 at the store.
Maybe I'm just getting my knickers into a twist because I don't particularly care for the host of this soiree...But does anyone else think it's a bit rude to imply that I have stolen something from your house?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

They came, they saw....

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They came, they saw, they babysat.
They being my family.
It was good to see them, and it was nice to have the help around the house. Especially because Adrian, after a nine day poop hiatus, decided to poop for Grandpa. And FYI: a kid that only poops once every nine days can FILL a diaper. I think I may have to invest in some of that biohazard tape to affix to the back of his diapers--that way no one can say I didn't warn them.
The visit was pretty easy for two reasons: Adrian is now on a fairly predictable schedule, and I don't feel the need to impress my family--they've seen me at my worst, so a few dust bunnies and me in my pj's isn't likely to move them in the least. I see my in-laws so infrequently that when they come to visit I want to organize a parade and serve tiny sandwiches on silver platters. It's not that they would expect or demand such treatment, it's just residual Catholic training to make a good impression.
Wow, this post ran away from me rather fast.
Back to the point: this weekend, I got to see my parents and my little brother. I enjoyed it, and not just because my mom cooked up awesome breakfasts every morning (thanks for that, by the way), but it was nice to see the interaction between Adrian and some of the people I love.

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Friday, January 07, 2005

Just a thought...

I don't have time for much else, because my lovely family is visiting and I am one of those people who enjoy spending time with family. How does that happen?
I'm not really sure myself....

Anywho, my thought is this:

It's weird seeing someone who's diapers you once changed holding a baby.

Also; my brother is sporting a new hairstyle/facial hair combo that is like a cross between those dudes from Oasis and Jesus. (pictures to come)

So that was two thoughts, but you know what I mean.
thankyou, that is all.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Sleighbells ring...

are you listening?
In this house we are FREEZING.
Apparently the geniuses who build houses in Oklahoma can't conceive that it may get below 32 degrees and therefore some insulation may be in order.
Even though it dips below 32 degrees EVERY WINTER for at least 15 days.
And now I have to go and thaw my fingers.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bigger than a meth lab, Smaller than a war....

Living in this state is nothing, if not totally bizarre.
I had a friend email me last week to let me know that there had been an explosion in Muskogee at some scrap metal plant. When you read the Associated Press coverage (all 4 sentences) the noise is described as sounding "like a bomb".
When I lived in that part of the state there were no fewer than 3 meth lab explosions--which produce a lot of fire and some fairly significant smoke. And I'll have to say that while a trailer going up in flames does produce quite a lot of noise, it does not rattle the dishes and throw people from furniture in nearby homes.
This is education!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Do it now!

Make a donation to the International Red Cross.

Consider it part of a New Year's resolution to live a more compassionate life.

(stepping off my soapbox)

Thank you and Happy New Year.