Friday, September 29, 2006



There is one thing I will never be able to figure out. Please explain as best you can how it is that you enjoy construction equipment, airplanes, motorcycles, and lawnmowers yet the coffee grinder is too loud?


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Chicken stop.

Watching Food Network, and the chef says that she's going to put some chicken stock in the pot.

Adrian: Chicken stop. Chicken! Stop!

Me: No, it's chicken stock, with a "ck" at the end.

Adrian: Chicken stuck. Chicken--Stuck---hnnnnnngh!

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Today we went to Garden Patch Orchard and had us some fun on the farm! Or as much fun on the farm as I could handle. I really prefer to leave that sort of thing to the experts, and by leave I mean get in the car and drive away. Adrian fed some chickens...

Saw some bunnies with funny siamese coloring...
Rode in a wagon full of pumpkins...

Found the biggest pumpkin on the lawn...And we brought it home with us. At 40 cents a pound, I'm loath to tell you what that mamma jamma cost us--let's just say it was a third of the days expenditures.

For more pictures, check out the Flickr page.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Rock star in training.

In the mornings, Aaron likes to watch music videos on VH1 or MTV--and because I can be so very persuasive (read: bossy), we skip the "baby-inappropriate" videos (Sorry, Luda). But Adrian has come to be a fan of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers--as he proved to us this morning by putting on a crown, grabbing his guitar and jamming out to Dani California. It was the highlight of the week, really.

Aaron was asking Adrian if he would like a brother and Adrian firmly responded "NO!". So then we explained that Uncle Austin was Aaron's brother and Uncle Jono was my brother--but he still said he wasn't interested. Inquiring after his feelings regarding a sister, we were met with silence and his attempts to ignore us while he ate his breakfast of cinnamon toast and sausages. I guess he's not ready to be a big brother. Not that he'll have to worry about it anytime in the forseeable future as I am NOT currently a baby incubator.

We spent this morning at the pet store--it's closer and less expensive than going to the zoo. His favorites today were the birds; which he asked repeatedly to "hold it", and the dogs in doggie day care; all of whom were equally interested in the pint-sized human on the other side of the plate glass. Which brings us to the current dilemma: dog or no dog? baby or no baby? dog and baby seem like an overkill--but you know that I have never been one for half-measure (Move half way across the country where I know no one with in a 4 hour drive? Sure! Oklahoma here I come!) And when you get right down to it: 2 babies and a dog isn't that big of a deal, considering that my next door neighbor is a single mother of 4 who owns her own business, and sends all 4 kids to private schools. I am daily in awe of her.

So that's my fakey dilemma. And really, anything to take my mind off of the fact that winter here is going to kick my teeth out.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Baby baby baby

As I'm sure you're all tired of listening to me complain, I thought I'd share some Adrian stories--because that's really why you're all here, right?

The bad news: I don't know if it's teeth or a virus but baby's got the runs and a nasty diaper rash to boot. It hasn't dampened his spirits much, although he did tell me that he was skeerd (scared) today when I laid him down for a diaper change. It was fairly pitiful.

The good news: Baby's got manners! We recently invested in a booster seat so he could sit at the big table with MamaanDada. Previously at the end of a meal he would announce "all done", and if you didn't get there fast enough, he'd start dropping food on the floor. Now that he's moved up in the world, we told him the proper way to get out was to say "All done, excuse me please" Which has been shortened to "all done. 'scuse me". Next step: getting him to keep his napkin on his lap. He knows that the purpose of the napkin is to "catch crummies" but frankly, he doesn't care.

He's also gotten really in to going to the grocery store. So much so that he asked to go 4 times last week. I figured twice a week was enough, so we went to the pet store, fabric store, and the book store. At the book store we shared tea and a cookie. I have plans to do that again.

Adrian also has a best friend, who we shall call D. The two met in music class, and we go over to D's house about once a week. D's mom and I get along really well, so it's fun for everybody. Adrian keeps asking to go back there, but if he's got a virus I want to hold off for a few more days. D's mom, A is pregnant and I don't want to get her sick. The boys are so stinking cute together--they chase each other, play hide and seek, and share snacks. If they grow up together I know already that they are going to get into tons of mischief.

Lately when Adrian was getting into things he shouldn't I'd ask him if he was looking for trouble. He now tells me he's "looking for troubles"

It's hard to be mad for long when they're so darn cute.