Thursday, February 26, 2009

Adrian's quote of the day

"But, Mom, I always want to get what I want"

Don't we all, my son.
Don't we all.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello, stranger!

Hey! I have not been ignoring you! Not as such. I have been busy over here, and the kids have ensured that daily life isn't boring! Adrian was quite the hellion last week: he bit his sister, threatened to punch me "until you die", and generally explored the boundries of acceptable behavior and my patience. He IS still alive, and so are we all. Fiona has been exploring the world of negotiations, alternately declaring "no!" and "2 more minutes!" She is also trying to convince Lunchbox to be her bestest friend ever....

There was snow. Adrian & Aaron shoveled. I sat inside in the warm and played with Fion.

Fion's turn to play with snow! We brought it inside and set her up on a towel on the kitchen floor. I tried to show her how to make a snowman, but all she really wanted to do was eat it.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Hey February!

It's February! And we're enjoying a false spring! The temperature is above freezing and should be for a few more days. I'm so happy, I could cry!
But instead, I'll recap the past few weeks: with photos!

Fiona! Is huge! And looks more like my mom & her sisters every day. She is lovely and mostly good humored. And still insists: I need dogs. (God bless that girl!)

The snow has all melted, but when there was snow, Adrian took to balancing precariously on fallen branches.

And hey! the sparrows are back! Which means that real spring is approaching, even if we get more nasty cold & snow.

We are chugging along. Adrian only has 2 days of school this week, thanks to parent/teacher conferences and some other stuff. I am hoping that the warm will hold out long enough for us to take a trip to the zoo.
And Wenesday is Aaron's birthday. He's not a big birthday celebration kind of guy, but too bad for him because I am. There will be birthday dinner and birthday pudding (he doesn't like birthday cake), and birthday dancing. Mostly the kids and I will dance and he will watch and laugh.