Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Look! It's Fiona!

Egads! She stands!
I realize that Fiona has been getting the short end of the blogging stick of late. That's not because she's low baby on the totem pole, so much as it is that she is so very good. She sleeps well, she eats well, and she's quite possibly the most cheerful person I know.
I figure I'd post some photos and let you all bask in the joy that is Fiona Wee.

She loves to eat--all the live long day.

She helps Dad sort the laundry.

And she's almost ALWAYS smiling. Deeeelightful, through and through.
Now, brace yourselves...Adrian has a new haircut.

He's in the middle of chewing, which is why the funny face. But the hair! He requested a "sweet mohawk" from his dad last week and dad complied.
Boys will be boys, no doubt about that.