Sunday, January 29, 2012

Take a walk

This winter has been CRAZY mild. I realize that it's not quite February yet, but usually by this point I'd have considered migrating south on a weekly basis. So far I've only seriously considered it once.

And right on schedule, the song birds are returning to the neighborhood. This week we will carve out some time to take a walk through the woods, make some birdseed treats, and generally enjoy the weather.

And then there's a really good possibility that we'll do this.

Because silly is fun.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things to make you cheerful!


It's 2012! And our good friend Mr. Bob is out of ICU, where he had been confined for 2 weeks with pneumonia. Our dear sister in law is expecting (but don't tell the kids! she wants to tell them), and I have mailed off a painting to be included in an invitational show (that means you have to get INVITED to participate)*. I'm feeling pretty cheerful about life.

I had a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday, and I am in love with my surgeon. It took him no time at all and I didn't feel a thing. I want to make him chicken pot pie and recommend his services to my friends. (See how I'm alternately an eighty year old and a twelve year old? I have no idea how Aaron puts up with it)

And I was talking to my little brother's cute girlfriend--we're in cahoots to relocate the lot of us to Connecticut--and she told me about the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. I spent lots of time perusing and squealing like a teenage girl. I told her about Katrina Cottages.

When I was younger I would spend hours drawing houses, complete with floor plans and gardening plans for the lots they sat on. Usually this would happen in math class--I didn't understand what was happening on the board, so I'd create a little world where everything made sense. Now I love looking at houses for sale, I love looking at floor plans. I'm a special kind of special, I know. When I visited Aunt Carmela (back in August) and we drove by Mama Amaro's house, I wanted to march up to the front door and tell the people to pack their stuff, because I was buying that house from them--thankfully Uncle Steve kept the car door locked or I'd've had some 'splainin to do when I came back home.

Part of my grand plans include building my own house one day. I just have to take the baby steps to get there.

*If you are in or around Natchitoches, Louisiana go see my painting!