Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why I love this crazy milennium

As I sit here typing to you and drinking my frosty cold limoncello, a robot is doing my vacuuming. And I'm not talking about Aaron, my friends. Oh no. We have a lovely delightful and wondrous roomba from irobot. And i love him.
Another thing that's great about this technology age? I am wireless! I could be typing to you from the can! I'm not, but if the need arose I totally could.
Also theres this nifty internets thing--it's the best way to procrastinate EVER. Read a blog, click a link, and 3 hours later you know everything you never wanted to know about the life cycle of an earwig. (ew)
And did I mention digital cable? It's the best babysitter ever. I mean, I love that sprout channel. It's the best way to keep Adrian from bellowing my name as I'm trying to change a filthy diaper or put Fiona down for a nap. And I can watch MadMen on demand! I haven't yet, but I'm so going to.
Speaking of procrastination, I really need to go shower. But first, I should look and see if the weather tomorrow is going to be weather--like, because you just never know.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Funny thing...

Those of you who know me in real life know that I have multiple email addresses. One of these addresses requires frequent changes to my password to protect my safety yadda yadda yadda. At first I simply rotated through other passwords, but this account also has a thing where you can't doubleback until you've gone through a dozen original passwords. At our old house I had the computer remember the password for me and sign in for me and defeat the whole purpose of the crazy password change game. But... but this is the new house. With the new IP address. And the new computer, which doesn't even know how to get to the old email--I actually have to type the address into the browser.
And I don't remember the latest password. I have tried at least 6--one new one each day and I am at a loss. And I didn't write it down. Sure I could call the helpdesk and have them reset my password, but by the time I get the chance to sit at the computer they have stopped answering the phone. So?
Basically I've done the online equivilent of locking myself out of the house.
I'm sure that sometime in the next few days I'll get the chance to make that phone call but in the meantime just email me at my gmail address, ok?

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Hello beloved readers!
We are mostly in our new home. Every day we unpack one room, the next day we wonder should that really go there? And then we arrange, rearrange, and arrange again. The good news? We love our house--we love our neighbors--and the kids rooms are unpacked. We have gone wireless!
The bad news? The kids have gone to crazytown.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

moving day

hullo dear readers!
yesterday aaron and i bought a house. yipee!
today is moving day.
moving day--bane of my existence.
here's a transcript for your viewing pleasure:
me: what is this shit? where did this come from? how did we amass all this shit? where am i supposed to put all this shit? should i really be moving boxes that have been unopened for 3 years or more?
aaron: i dunno.
me: razzin frazzin flibbity gibbet! (twitchy eye)

so...i'll be a little busy and a lot offline for the next 5 or so days.
if you need me, you can always ring me on the telephone.

back to the doom of packing.