Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The rest of Virginia

Okay, I realize that a lot has happened between now and Memorial Day (like an entire month), and I haven't been posting because I should be finishing up all of my stories about the trip Adrian and I took to Virginia. But as the days go by, the details get fuzzy. So here are some images and brief descriptions. Above, Fuz is playing upside-down baby while Chris looks on. (Adrian loves upside down baby). That day was hard because Adrian didn't nap well, and was overstimulated with all of the big people he had to boss around. Kathleen was there, too but I didn't get her picture. I'm not sure why.
The next day, Lyre (on the left) and Karlee (on the right) came over and we ate and got bossed around by Adrian. It was a good time. I hate living far away from all of these fabulous people.
Jono entertains Adrian with his amazing guitar skills. Adrian tries to un-tune Jono's guitar.
And the next day we went to the airport, got on an airplane and sat on the tarmac for 2 hours, before we went back to the gate and were told to try again tomorrow because of the weather.
The day after that we got on an airplane at 6:30am and actually made it home.

See how the time and the space dilute the memory?
Sorry if this has read like a rant of the insane, but I just had to get it over and done with so I could tell you what's happening now. Like how Adrian's learning about 5 words a week. And he's starting to realize how words that sound the same don't mean the same thing, and how he's starting to put together little sentances.
It's very cool.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Journey to Virginia: days threeand four

One of the many very cool, very old houses in Salem, VA.

Day three
Friday! The day that Mem gets married!
The morning starts in Arlington with the usual wake-up rigamarole. Then Mom takes me to pick up a rental car (which makes me feel very grown up). Drive back home, load the car, distract the baby, and then it's off to Salem with a heavy heart. I was physically pained upon leaving Adrian behind. I got over that as soon as I was on I-66 and had to play dodge-the-jerks-so-i-don't-die. A game familiar to anyone who has driven in Northern Virginia. This was also the Friday prior to Memorial Day, so 66 inbound was full of Vietnam Vets on their way to DC and the Wall. I almost cried twice. But I held it together for the sake of not dying while driving. It was orginially my clever idea to take 66 to Rt 11 and mosey on down to Salem the scenic way (instead of taking the speedy 81). After hitting EVERY RED LIGHT in Harrisonburg, that plan way quickly revised to the tune of: bugger that.
I will say that driving into those mountains was very much like coming home.
I arrive in Salem, take a driving tour of the College campus--wherein I am much confused by the new construction, and then head over to Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea on Main Street. Where I run into none other than Richard Gandee. Richard and I spent lots and lots of time together freshman year because I was dating his roommate (which is another rediculous story altogether). Richard is really funny in that irreverent way that I do so enjoy. Funnier still, Richard graduated from Roanoke in 2003, and is working in Mill Mountain because he's back for more of that higher learnin'. For the mere price of a cup of coffee I got to be entertained and order Richard around. Good times. After my caffine fix, I head over to Kym and Cat's very very cute house where I will be staying overnight. We do brief cathing up, I throw on wedding clothes, look outside and it's raining! Which puts the lid on my plan of walking to the church.
After my rediculously short drive--4 blocks--it stops raining, and I walk in to say my hellos and sit. That plan is quickly changed, as I am whisked away by Mem's mom to see Mem. She was so beautiful! There was a lot of trying not cry going on.
The ceremony was beautiful, the reception a little akward, as I knew only a few people, and they seemed to all know each other. After all of that, I headed back to Cat & Kym's where I de-fancified. Then Kym and I went to Mac & Bobs for 2 whole drinks (we're wild ones) before calling it a night.

Day four
The day started with breakfast at the coffee shop with Kym. And we talked about art (which is one of the reasons that she is so awesome), and took a driving tour of Salem, and reviewed Kym's fabulous photography.
Then I was back on the road for another 200ish miles of fun. I got home in time to hang out with my little man, feed him dinner, put him to bed. There's nothing better than hearing your son say "mama" when you walk through the door.

Trip time: 30 hours.
Total trip miles: 450.
I enjoy driving, but you know what I enjoy even more?
Getting out of the car.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Papa D and Adrian.

I'd post more, but I'm just too tired.
Check out the new pictures at Flickr.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Journey to Virginia: day two

Day two
The day started nice and early--5:30 a.m. eastern standard time.
I cursed the singing birds and the jingling dog tags and the sun.
But Adrian was awake, so our day began. Breakfast was had at the kitchen table, and then it was baby away!
This was when I started to notice that he was much less a baby and much more a little person. He required less of the hovering-style supervision and more of the mindful-from-a-distance supervision. It was an improvement.
Gagah and Papa went to work, and Adrian and I found ourselves keeping busy with toys and the out-of-doors. I think that a sliding screen door and a fenced in back yard are definately high on the list for our next home. Then it was lunch, followed by nap.
Post nap, Gagah returned home from work and there was much playing to be done. By playing, I mean travel to and much money spent at DSW (a shoe heaven). It was grown-up playing. Adrian enjoyed running up and down the aisles and throwing away trash, as well as playing peek-a-boo with another bored boy.
Then we returned home, fed baby, bathed baby...and then I left the grandparents to put the baby to bed. I walked out the front door...To have dinner with the fabulous Emily and her fiance Steve. We ate at Whitlow's on Wilson (which has been in Arlington as far back as I can remember--they used to advertise their brunch on the back of the church bulletin), then strolled down a block to the Galaxy Hut. Where I discovered a few things that shocked and pained me:
they had painted.
2.our bartender wasn't working there anymore (granted, it's been 4 years, but come on!)
3. they were doing karaoke. At my bar.
The bar that used to house wicked indie rock bands and be painted black with white spots that suggested constellations. Now it sports silver walls and has karaoke. Plus everyone there looked like they were 12 despite the "21 and up" sign posted on the door. It pains me that my once cool hole-in-the-wall bar aspires to more. I enjoyed it's lack of pretention: the unapologetic bathroom graffiti, and the "patio" (a glorified alleyway with green plastic lawn furniture). Another reason I could never move back to Arlington.
Being the old lady that I am, I was home by 11. And I only had 2 margaritas.

Next installation: The day I drove, and sat at stoplights, and drove some more! Plus Richard Gandee, Cat and Kym Davis make guest appearances!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Journey to Virginia: day one

(Drinking Gagah's iced tea)

Here I am to recap what-all everyone missed while we were away because I was truly on vacation. Technology, I refuse to be at your beck and call.

Day one
We get up at our usual time (5:30ish a.m.) after washing of faces and packing of last minute items (toothbrush, breakfast) we are out the door to the airport. Aaron is chauffering(it's a verb now, baby!) us, as I cannot manage airplane check-in, baggage, and an eightteen month old with an insatiable curiousity in the mundane.
We arrive at the airport and our plane is running slightly behind, but that's okay-by-me. It allows us a more leisurely pace through security and not one but two bathroom stops. (It's the coffee, okay?) Then we hang out at our boarding area, where Adrian meets-and-greets all of his future constituents (or voters in American Idol season threemilliontwelve). After a snack of applesauce and a diaper change it's on to the airplane!
I honestly don't remember anything about our flight. I know it wasn't traumatic and that's good enough for me.
Mom (aka Gagah) picks us up at the airport. We take the toll road back to Chez DeCarlo, where Adrian has a quick lunch and then a crappy nap. Or no nap? It's all a little fuzzy at this point. I do remember that his first 24 hours of sleep away from home were truly wretched.
In the afternoon, there's outside play time with the dogs (Mosby aka Bees, and Blaze aka Baze), a tasty dinner courtsey of Gagah, tubby time, and much requesting of Papa D.
Papa D arrives, and there is great showmanship on the part of young Adrian: watch me throw this ball, watch me spin in circles, watch me climb this chair. All of this is to the chorus of "Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa!" Then it's bedtime! Or to hear Adrian tell it, it's time for the paper-cut and lemon-juice treatment.
Oh, the screaming and the sobbing and the general dramatics.
After an hour and a half of carrying on he finally falls asleep. (Makes you really want a baby, doesn't it?)

Tomorrow: Find out what time Adrian wakes up! Hear about the nap that was too short! Learn about how nothing stays the same or proof that I am really an old lady in a young shell.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Travel: it kills me.

(Adrian and Jono)

I often fancy myself to be an intrepid explorer of places uncharted (uncharted by me, that is) But this past week kicked me in the teeth.
I am wore out. And it was so loverly that the whole thing ended with more! airline! problems!
Due to weather, we sat in an airplane on the runway for nearly TWO HOURS before air traffic decided to cancel the flight. TWO HOURS of keeping Adrian entertained, keeping him from kicking the seat in front of us, keeping him from running in the aisle like a baby posessed. The stranger sitting next to me was so kind and so helpful and I didn't even get his name or get to say: thank you, angel from heaven in a grad student's body.

Despite all of that, Adrian kept his cool and we were able to get on a plane at 6:30 this morning and come home.
And I have many photos, which I will share once this cold oozes it's way out of my head.