Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Chicago loves you, baby

Dear Chicago;
If you know me AT ALL you know that cold is my least favorite weather. Cold with cold wind is the worst. So it was a wonderful, delightful excursion to Birmingham where the daffodils were in bloom and I didn't need a coat the whole time I was there. Then I come back to Chicago and it snows. Again.

Well, Chicago-- I have had it with your winter. We've got 14 days 'till the start of spring and I expect to see some big time changes 'round here. I didn't plant 40 crocus bulbs for the exercise, thankyouverymuch.

Oh, I know that the weather is supposed to be in the 50's next week, but let me tell you I'm not buying it. I was here last year when you gave us weeks of beautiful weather and then when my mother came to town in MAY you slammed us with a week of rain and temps in the low 40's. Sweet talk me all you want, but I'm on to you.

Annoyed with you and your cold;

Dear Kara,

Don't be like that. Chicago has lots to offer you, baby. How about June? We do June real nice 'round here.
All that ice and snow? I didn't know it wasn't your thing. I'll make it up to you, baby. Just you wait and see. You'll get your warm weather.
Chicago loves you, baby.


Dear Chicago,

Don't call me baby.



Kymber said...

Hey baby... move to VA and forget about subzero temperatures. ;)

Nanook The Newfoundland said...

*snort* *laughs hysterically*