Sunday, August 26, 2007

here I am!

Since we last spoke:

I have turned 27. It's a lot like 26, but closer to 30 and with less alcohol. (who knew?)

Fiona Leigh has turned 9 weeks old and passed her check up with flying colors--she's 11 1/2 pounds and says Iowa. I'm pretty sure that's just a fluke, but Grandparents Flecker seem to enjoy it. She also holds her wee noggin up and is determined to sit up--failing, but persevering.

Adrian has decided that the time for toilet training is now. He has told me that he's learning to go in the potty so he can go to karate chop school. We've had a week in underwear and he's doing very well. I am thrilled that he taking this step forward and even more thrilled that I only have to buy diapers for one now. He's pretty pleased with himself, too. He announced to his art class "I pee in the potty now". All were suitably impressed.

And now it's time for Toddler Translations!

From Toddler to English:

Joy Sauce= Soy Sauce
Fider Man= Spider Man
Anks= Thanks
Fantaskick Four= Fantastic Four
Masstass= Moustache


Anonymous said...

"Fwinkles" and "fooky" are still my favorites (sprinkles and spooky)--mom

Amber said...

Hee hee...congrats on your birthday! Less alcohol, I do that now too. Phew!

My aunt used to say "mungamungamoo" instead of "marshmallow"...toddler speak is a hoot!