Friday, February 22, 2008



Amber keeps asking me to post about me, so if you are completely bored by self-indulgent mundane drivel now would be the time to walk away.

Aaaah. Let's see. The weighty question I've been asked to answer is how I'm doing. The glib answer to that would be fair to medium. The long answer, if you've got the time is as follows:

I'm doing better.
Winter is the worst time of the year for me. I hate the cold. I hate being trapped indoors. I hate getting up before the sun. I hate that I can't go outside and plunk a plant in the ground until the end of April due to the ground being an iceberg with some dirt mixed in. I'm frustrated by my 3 year-old. Not because he's doing anything particularly awful or out of character but because I have been so black I can't see the humor in raising a high-spirited smarty pants. My patience has been non-existent these past 2 months and I feel like I've been yelling over stupid shit and basically putting everyone around me on edge. I see it, I know it's happening and I can't stop myself. It's really awful to know that you're the party crasher. That being said, this past week I feel like I've turned a corner. Maybe it's because the sun is getting up before me, maybe it's because February is almost over, maybe it's because I have gotten back into exercising--or maybe it's because Adrian's back to preschool and I feel like I can get 10 minutes of quiet before the sun goes down. I think it has more to do with daylight than preschool--but I'm not ruling anything out.
With this renewed energy I'm also sneaking moments here and there to get some art done, and that gives me a sense of purpose (outside of being the mom). I am still trying to figure out how to parlez that art-thing into a money maker. It could be difficult, considering my last 5 graphic design jobs were done for free. To be fair, I do get portfolio filler and references should I ever decide to pursue the graphic design route. I just dunno. It would be great to have people pay me to "art it up". Any of you out there want to pass me some cash in exchange for some art just say the word, yo.
On that note I'm gonna take my chilly buns upstairs and get working on my newest piece.

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Amber said...

Yay, Kara. I'm sorry you've been down - I've been a grumpy so and so all winter myself. February is always the worst, the dark before the dawn.

Eclipses, Full Moon, I think maybe these things are helping - I've seen buds on the trees and camellias are starting to bloom here is southern VA!

Is your contact info on Moonflower right? I'd love to give you a call sometime! I can't right now, because I am on a laptop, at a SciFi convention in good ole ROANOKE...and a Sand Person just walked by with an Ewok toddler. That's it. I'm out!!