Sunday, May 04, 2008

Techno crazed

As I type this I am simultaneously texting, uploading music to my portable music device, and knocking back a glass of wine. Who said that you can't do it all at once? (Let me add: it's easier to do it all at once after the kids are in bed)

This month's highlights:

Adrian got one of those hippity-hop bouncy balls. The basement is the perfect location for rainy day bouncing.

We visited Aaron's parents. It was a nightmare drive out there, with Adrian whining and screaming for nearly the entire drive.

My mom came to visit! Whee! As in weee packed A LOT into 4 days.

And finally: Fiona has learned to read. Well, not really. But every day she pulls all the books off the shelf and carefully inspects each one.

She's either going to be a librarian or have a wicked case of OCD.

Happy April, all.

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