Saturday, August 09, 2008

moving day

hullo dear readers!
yesterday aaron and i bought a house. yipee!
today is moving day.
moving day--bane of my existence.
here's a transcript for your viewing pleasure:
me: what is this shit? where did this come from? how did we amass all this shit? where am i supposed to put all this shit? should i really be moving boxes that have been unopened for 3 years or more?
aaron: i dunno.
me: razzin frazzin flibbity gibbet! (twitchy eye)

so...i'll be a little busy and a lot offline for the next 5 or so days.
if you need me, you can always ring me on the telephone.

back to the doom of packing.


Mrs. Dymund said...

Yay for buying a house! I just bought a house, and it's a weird feeling. The other day I weeded the patio and thought it was fun.

Amber said...

Congratulations, sugar!!! *smooch*

Thinking In Vain said...

Congratulations! :D

Nessa said...

I *LOATHE* packing and unpacking. It does not help that the last TWO times Sandy and I have moved, he's been conveniently elsewhere for the unpacking portion of the festivities. Bastard.

Congrats on the new house! Very exciting!!!