Monday, September 22, 2008

You like pictures?

The kids hanging out in the garage. It's where they sleep. In a kennel. I kid! I kid! Adrian actually has the biggest bedroom in the house, but those are photos for another day.

This is Adrian in the living room, talking on the phone to Granma. (It's like he's 13 already)

Here is Fiona, practicing for Mardi Gras.

Here is Fiona, devouring an apple. She eats the whole thing: stem, core, seeds. She and Cookie Monster could go head-to-head in an eating contest.

And lastly, Adrian and Fiona relaxing while watching a movie this morning. Awwww.


Amber said...

While I appreciate Fiona's gusto for fine produce, be careful about her eating the seeds! (Please ignore this dire warning and fret-fest if you were over-exaggerating, which is hard to read in text).

Thinking In Vain said...

They're so big! I hope to meet them one day (*sniffsniff*).

Glad to read that you're alive. ;)

Steve said...

I saw your blog from the tag line "There are some things a dog can't explain to a monkey". Nice. I am a parent of four boys. Check out the blog:

I have my own moving experience, check out the April archive called, Home Sweet Home