Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well, it's finally happened. I've talked so much, and at such length that I've lost my voice. (Doom!) How am I supposed to yell at the kids now? (kidding!)

My parents were here for too short a visit and we were tremendously busy. I like to cram as much as possible into every day because who knows when they'll be back? Last Friday we went down to the Art Institute to see the tapestry exhibit and wow. It was really breathtaking and slightly overwhelming--as I find most major art exhibitions to be. At some point your brain reaches overload and your senses just quit. It was amazing to see what could be accomplished with what ammounted to bits of colored string.

Adrian and Fiona were of course lovely and charming with their grandparents. They have since made up for their prolonged good behavior. For example, last night Adrian decided he didn't want to eat what I had cooked, so he spent 15 minutes sitting at the table (with his full plate in front of him) crying and yelling "But I'm so hungry!". Meanwhile, Fiona is looking at me asking "Adrian, owies?" which is what she asks every time he pitches a fit. In her mind I'm sure she thinks her brother is the most injury-prone person to walk the planet.

For her own little self, Fiona is on a nap imbargo. Deeeelightful. Monday she had her 18 month check up and she's only 9 pounds lighter than Adrian. She really IS going to dress him like a baby doll if he doesn't start putting on some weight soon.

And now there are suspicious noises coming from the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Agreed, the visit was TOO SHORT. However, I brought back a souvenir! Germs all the way from Chicago! Cough, cough. Guess I need to brush up on my handwashing technique.

Anonymous said...

So what did you cook that was so objectionable to a 4 year old that he would rather starve himself than eat it? How about this - if you want him to fatten up, give him fattening foods that he will eat. Don't make this a contest of wills with a four year old.
BTW, I lost weight while I was visting. Thanks. Small portions at every meal really does work.
Love - Your Da.