Thursday, January 28, 2010

it is negative 7 degrees with the wind chill. without the wind it is a balmy 9 degrees. ferenheit.


Anonymous said...

We're 12F this morning. No wind though, so it didn't feel that bad. Mom

Andrew said...

shitty thing won't let me paste in pictures.

you'll have to click on the links
Me in the clean room

Andrew said...

more pics, now if I could only find the on orbit deployment photos.

It went up on shuttle Atlantis on STS-129, november 2009. This is the MISSE-7B experiment module and is currently mounted on the Express Logistics Carrier on the outside of the station.

You might be able to find video on youtube.

Anyways, here's more photos

your kids names on the mil-spec power relays

my friend James doing last minute software debug

Andrew said...

here's the pic after the experiment plate is integrated into the carrier tray. This is the ram-facing experiment, and this is the one your kids names are buried inside of.


btw, MISSE is:
Materials International Space Station Experiment.

Andrew said...

MISSE on it's way up:


Andrew said...

another pic Shuttle in orbit

Andrew said...

So if you're wondering, I'm posting here because I don't have your e-mail or phone info. So shoot me your contact info.

My e-mail is my picasa user name @

I uploaded the remainder of the interesting photos:

shuttle approach

robotic arm

spacewalk to install MISSE

more spacewalk

after install 1

after install 2

ISS viewed from departing shuttle

And there's more photos in those albums you can browse.

See ya,