Tuesday, May 25, 2010

pickin a good one

A lot has happened in a week-ish. My brother, his girlfriend, former roommate & his girlfriend came to visit for 3 full days (2 travel days). The kids loved the extra audience, I loved having adult-type-peoples to talk to.

Adrian has 2 weeks left in school...and I am trying to figure out how to keep him just busy enough. He will be spending his first 5 days of vacation in DC with grandparents. After that we have camping, birthday parties (fiona turns 3!), and a tentative trip to the beach. Who knows.
I think we'll just roll with it. That's a good life skill, too--right?


Anonymous said...

The lighting on that shot of Adrian is incredible. Can't wait to see the little guy - spoil him rotten & send him back. And why would you post a picture of your daugher with her finger up her nose?

Your Da.

kara d said...

Dear Da,
Because it is through the absurd that we can appreciate our own frailty as human beings and the lengths we have grown as people.

Or, if you prefer: I dunno. How come you like to show people pictures of me on the training toilet at age 2?