Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Checking in...


This is for my Dad, who said "post a blog, already, would ya?!"
Hi Dad!

I am not ignoring you, honest to honesty!
It's just that this year has decided to grab me by the scruff and start running. The past four weekends, in review:
January 1: Mrs P's birthday bash. It was a big party for a big year that ends in zero. And like any big party populated with middle-aged adults, it teetered between rowdy and silly. There were jello shots and there was wii dancing and that's all you need to know.
January 7 & 8: Kyle Cassidy was here, photographing veterans for his book, War Paint.
January 15 & 16: Took the kids to a Children's production of Cinderella on Saturday, had scouts on Sunday.
January 22 & 23: I worked Saturday and spent Sunday in my jammies.

Not to mention that I am now working at the tattoo shop Tuesday-Friday and 2 Saturdays a month, volunteering in Adrian's classroom on Tuesdays, arranging a group art show, and still trying to do the art-a-day challenge.
The next 3 weekends look equally busy and I think my next weekend off is the 2nd weekend in March.

The kids are good...Fiona is recovering from her first ever ear infection. Adrian is in need of warm weather and wide open spaces--all that boy wants to do is run & jump & climb.

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