Wednesday, April 20, 2011


So after returning home from Birmingham, I had a small bee in my bonnet. We are surrounded, nay overwhelmed, by all of the things in this house.
And then I read this blog post over at Clean.

It's easy enough to stand in the midst of a messy child's room and yell "I've had enough!"
And have your husband yell "me too!" and formulate a plan to lessen the stuff burden, but then I started to look at MY stuff.

I have a lot of stuff. Books, Art supplies, clothes, shoes, movies...

So last week, I sorted out my cookbooks. I asked myself: If the house burned down & I lost everything, which of these would I replace?
I kept those & ditched the rest.
Next week will be the bedroom closet. Out will go the too small, too big, unfinished, and things that make me go "enh".

Wish me luck.


Em said...

Nice!.....Pretty inspiring but too lazy to do the same=D!

Anonymous said...

Thoreau would be proud!


EDNOS said...

Good Luck

andreaaugstin said...

Nice family... So cute...

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