Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things at which I am bad

1. Sports. I am uncoordinated and have the attention span of a mildly concussed kitten.

2. Houseplants. Seriously, they cry when they hear me coming. I can't keep plants alive indoors for very long. Although my mushrooms are doing really well! (So i can grow fungus, but not plants...)

3. Getting IVs. Yesterday I had to go for an MRI but never made it to the actual MRI because I passed out while the nurse was trying to get the IV in. I have sneaky veins, and she was rolling the needle around under my skin and I checked out. I don't know what it's like for you when you faint, but for me it's a trip to instant dreamland. Then when I came to there were all these strange faces around me....and I threw up for 2 hours. It was no good.
They sent me home and I have to reschedule the procedure.

So yesterday was a bust. How was your Wednesday?


Amber said...

I've been picturing the fantastical antics of a mildly concussed kitten with glee for about an hour now. Thank you! *grin*

Eric always passes out when he gets blood taken. I'm sorry you have to go back and do it again!!

M. said...

that stinks! I thought of you while I had blood drawn today. Maybe not so much you but the thoughts " please don't pass out, please don't pass out" were totally running.

Hemraj said...

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Lyre said...

Why on earth do you need an MRI? Because I could have told them that you are special in the brain. :-) Sorry you still have to go back. I can come with and threaten the nurses for you, though?