Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things to make you cheerful!


It's 2012! And our good friend Mr. Bob is out of ICU, where he had been confined for 2 weeks with pneumonia. Our dear sister in law is expecting (but don't tell the kids! she wants to tell them), and I have mailed off a painting to be included in an invitational show (that means you have to get INVITED to participate)*. I'm feeling pretty cheerful about life.

I had a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday, and I am in love with my surgeon. It took him no time at all and I didn't feel a thing. I want to make him chicken pot pie and recommend his services to my friends. (See how I'm alternately an eighty year old and a twelve year old? I have no idea how Aaron puts up with it)

And I was talking to my little brother's cute girlfriend--we're in cahoots to relocate the lot of us to Connecticut--and she told me about the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. I spent lots of time perusing and squealing like a teenage girl. I told her about Katrina Cottages.

When I was younger I would spend hours drawing houses, complete with floor plans and gardening plans for the lots they sat on. Usually this would happen in math class--I didn't understand what was happening on the board, so I'd create a little world where everything made sense. Now I love looking at houses for sale, I love looking at floor plans. I'm a special kind of special, I know. When I visited Aunt Carmela (back in August) and we drove by Mama Amaro's house, I wanted to march up to the front door and tell the people to pack their stuff, because I was buying that house from them--thankfully Uncle Steve kept the car door locked or I'd've had some 'splainin to do when I came back home.

Part of my grand plans include building my own house one day. I just have to take the baby steps to get there.

*If you are in or around Natchitoches, Louisiana go see my painting!

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Anonymous said...

You are so my daughter. When I was a kid I loved looking through houseplan books and magazines. Our family being in the building supply trade (concrete blocks), I spent a lot of time on house building sites. If things had gone differently, we'd probably still be in Birmingham, building houses.

Your Da.