Monday, May 14, 2012

Yesterday was Mother's Day. Also known as: Pajama Day! I like to take very nearly any excuse to spend the day in my pajamas. After dinner (left overs smorgasbord) last night, the kids wanted to go outside to play. I was sitting in the living room reading when I heard Adrian making "karate" noises--I looked out the window to see him with a day lily leaf tied around his head.

Here he is, striking a pose. 

Fiona, meanwhile, was creating a nest. For tigers.

Check out these muscles.

Searching for more nest-making materials.

Adrian, Fiona, and the Mulberry tree.

In action!

And it was after 15 minutes of trying to achieve a photograph of Fiona's face that I reached the conclusion that I need a faster camera. My shutter speed is no match for a four-year-old on the move. 
I guess I know what's going on my birthday list....

Have a wonderful week!
We'll be outside, enjoying the weather.

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