Monday, October 29, 2012

Eight years!

Holy crap. Today Adrian is EIGHT. 
And it's hard to believe that he's been here for so long. We've traveled a lot together, and most days we're a great team. 
Would I do it all over again? Absolutely. He's taught me to become more patient, more kind, more generous. He's taught me that I have the power to heal scraped knees and hurt feelings. He's taught me that a word in the right place is will outweigh any number of common parental bargains. Being a parent to Adrian is never dull. It requires quick thinking, mounds of empathy, and a sense of humor.
Here's to Adrian! May the days ahead of you be full of joy. May you find pleasure in work, always have a full belly, and fuller heart. I love you for always.

Adrian at one month

At 7 months, with the famous "snorty pig face"

2006: At 2 at our belated wedding reception

2007: At 3 at the Aquarium

2008: At 4, with Aunt Erica (who is a Mom now)

2009: At 5, for his pirate birthday party 

2010: The first day of kindergarten (almost 6)

2011: Our East-coast road trip (almost 7)

2012: Last week (almost 8)

You make me crazy, you make me laugh, you make me proud. I love you, little man.
Happy birthday.

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