Thursday, December 16, 2004


My brain has turned to oatmeal. And not the good kind of oatmeal, but the generic-store-brand-microwaveable kind.
I apologize for the sporadic postings of late, but Adrian is in the midst of rearranging his schedule. If he wasn't such a cutie, I'd probably be sitting in the corner like a lobotomy patient. As it is currently my ability to form sentences and get them out of my mouth intact is severely damaged.
Par example:
How go with the thing in the square?
translation: How about you put that DVD in the player?
It's a wonder Aaron talks to me at all anymore.

Also, I was thinking that using a smaller plate as a means of portion control is probably not so effective when you refill the plate twice.

Ta ta for now,
Oatmeal for brains.

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