Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Update: 8 weeks!

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Dear Adrian,

Taa-daah! You're 8 weeks old! Well, 8 weeks and a few days--I'm a little behind.
But you! You're totally holding your head up on your own, as well as exploring all of the possible noises that you can make around the basic sound "aaah". My favorite is the ga-aah-ack that accompanies one of your lovely toothless grins. The same toothless grins that we receive every morning when you wake up in bed next to us. You can be quite the charmer.
On the other hand, you can also make our ears bleed when you scream and nothing we can do will make it better. It's those times when being a parent seems overwhelming and we wonder how anyone ever does it.
But then you turn around and do something that makes us giggle like 3rd graders...like last night when you farted in the bathtub. Or when you get hungry in the middle of the night and start sucking your thumb...which doesn't sound funny, but the way you place your thumb in your mouth your other 4 fingers are pointed up towards your forehead, so as you suck you're whacking yourself in the nose. You don't seem to mind that as much as you mind not getting milk from your own digit.
We've started to put you on your belly on the floor for supervised play time--you think it's great for 7 minutes, and then frustration sets in. But those first seven minutes have you kicking your feet and lifting your head and giggling.
Every day I marvel at how much I can love you and how small and helpless you are. I love when you support yourself on your legs while I hold you steady and you look at me like "what are you doing?"
I'm less fond of your attempts to pee on me when I change your diaper--you got me twice last week and you managed to get yourself a couple of times, too. There was a lot of laundry to be done. You've already outgrown all of your newborn sized clothing and are in the 3-month size now. If you continue to grow at this rate we should be able to send you to kindergarten when you're 3, and we'll probably have to take out a small loan to pay for all of the shoes and clothing you'll need as you grow like a bean vine. Or we can just follow your father's fashion-savvy advice and put you in a flour sack.
These past 4 weeks your personality has started to shine through and we have really enjoyed watching you take in the world. You seem to enjoy our weekly outings to the grocery store, and you no longer wail in protest when you're placed in your car seat.
You still haven't pooped, though, and I'm beginning to suspect you're saving it up to deliver at the doctors tomorrow when you receive your vaccinations. (Serve them right, too, sticking you with a needle!) The pediatrician has told us not to be concerned about your lack of a movement unless you exhibit certain symptoms--and giggling at your dad's rendition of heavy metal songs as operatic arias isn't one of them.
We love you little man (and we're sorry we have to take you to be stuck with needles).

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