Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A little glimpse of me.

When I started this here blog, I was inspired by the likes of dooce, finslippy, verymom, and suburban bliss. I thought to myself: wow! they are funny! and honest! (Of course I was very pregnant and prone to hysteria, but that's neither here nor there)

But here's the thing, Internet. I don't think I can share my internal monologue. It's unfit for human consumption. To put it bluntly: the voice in my head is not a very nice person. Aaron constantly reminds me of the time we were driving home from the grocery store and I spied an unfamiliar child playing in our neighborhood. The words that sprung, unbidden, from my mouth: Who's that fat kid? Not "hey, I wonder who that is?" or "I've never seen him before". Thank gods the windows were rolled up, as I was instantly mortified.
I honestly believe that the world could do with more nice, so I make an effort to be nice. (Practice what you preach blahblahblah) Some days I do better than others.
So, while I would like to share with you the inner monologue that chatters daily, I am socially conditioned to be afraid of what you might think. Also, some day I may need money from you and I'd hate for you to hold this against me.

To wrap all this up, I'll leave you with a mental image that always gives me the giggles:
Snoop Dogg changing diapers.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No! You can't stop! You're just like me!!!!! And I think you're hysterical.

Cat's telling me all the time how much of a horrible person I am... :)

Besides, I'd always give you money. ;p

Love you...