Sunday, August 14, 2005

On honeymoon.

(photo) Mike and Annette DeCarlo Posted by Picasa

Those are my father's parents on their honeymoon in New Orleans. The date, as near as I can figure, is between 1944 and 1947.
I have many more old photos to clean up in Photoshop that I will eventually share with you.


Anonymous said...

It was June of 1946. Dad proposed when he was discharged from the Army after Japan surrendered. After service in New Guinea, Dad was posted to Florida to train soldiers how to drive the "ducks" for the invasion of Japan. Those are the same "ducks" now so popular as tourist tour vehicles. Mom had been a cashier at Loveman's Department Store in Birmingham. She quit her job when they got married. She tells a story about there coming home from the New Orleans honeymoon with a $1.50 in their pocket. They bought gas and spilt a Coke and a hotdog. But they made it back. Your Aunt Carmela was born the following year in July.
Your Da

Anonymous said...

That is touching and very interesting. We are so sorry, we did not know when it was until I ggot anote from Gary yesterday. Happy Birthday Kara, How old are you? Love,Cheryle and Dick