Monday, October 17, 2005

What you may have missed

Oh! SO many things have happened in the past six weeks, dears.
Adrian has four tiny teeth, and he grinds them..Incessantly. It's my new least-favorite noise. It makes my skin want to crawl off of my body and hide under the bed.
We've also discovered the "joy" that is separation anxiety. And let me say "whee". There's nothing quite like taking a shower while your child screams at the door...Except perhaps having a two-and-a-half foot bathroom attendant.
On the amusing side of things, Two-ton-Tony has discovered that he can put his finger in his nose. And he does. All the time. While he's thinking, while he's watching TV, when he's mad.
It's a sight to behold.

And now I have to go because Aaron's working night shifts now and needs to go to bed.

More on that when I can steal a few minutes.


Jim King said...


Awesome to hear everything is going great. Can't wait to see the house. Once I am out of my indentured servant status, I will make the trip and come see the entire clan. Can't wait.


PS. I always wanted a shower attendant.

Jesse said...

Unlike Jim, my endentured servitude won't end for a while yet. But, I will make the trip in time. Glad to hear things are going well though.

Do you have any pictures of the house posted?


PS. At least the shower attendant hasn't figured out how to use the camera yet.