Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Family is cool


I am about to suffer from family-overload. I just got back from a week at my parents. (Wherein I convinced my cute mom to start a blog because it is easy-peasy to do) Then on Monday my sister-in-law Erica the wee showed up and we've been shopping and playing chase the baby and it's been grand. And tomorrow, Adrian, Erica-the-wee and I will drive to Rock Island for a Thanksgiving feast that will include 12-15 persons; none of whom will be my husband as he has to work. I've already made sweet potatoes to knock your socks off and pecan tarts...I don't know that the tarts will make it though.
We've all been surreptitiously swiping them from the it the first casualty of Thanksgiving.
Also! VeryMom and Petite Banane have new baby girls and it makes me miss the tiny, cuddly bundle that was Adrian 11 months ago. sigh. babies!

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Just wait...24 hours from now you will have experienced the horror and terror that defines a holiday at the homestead. No definite time to eat, no idea who brought what, just lots of alcohol and cheer. It's Gary's favorite holiday! Can't wait to see you and Adrian and I just picked up the baby gate!
Nana and Grampa

Fun blog said...

Family is's what life's all about. Too much can be annoying though!