Friday, November 04, 2005

To grandmother's house we go...

Here it is, the much anticipated trip-to-the-East Coast with the baby out of my uterus.

In mid-November, Adrian and I will be traveling to Arlington, VA to visit with my parents for a week. Anyone who wishes to see us while we are there can email me (karacrafts(at) gmail(dot)com), and we will set something up. I would like to stress that the purpose of this visit is to give my parents time with their grandson. (Translation: we will not be leaving the DC metro area during our visit. If you are beyond the reach of the Metro system, then you must come to us)

Also, I'm very excited! I love Arlington in the fall. I am a bit nervous about Adrian and my parents' dogs. These are big dogs, and Adrian has really only had experience with small dogs. Hopefully they won't scare the bejeesus out of him.


4 comments: said...

It was good to hear that the doc's visit went well...verbally behind? No, too smart and we all have esp and know what he's asking for! Not uncommon with first mother will tell you I didn't speak until I was closer to 18 mos or 24 and we all know the final on that one...Grampa and I were really tired last night, but had to take the anticipated birthday dinner out-we went to a little french bistro in LeClaire were the food was excellent and they served children! We were in bed at 8:30 which is crazy since I got home at 6:00 pm..quite the empty nest. Grampa is raking and burning leaves and using his noisy blower machine, we both can't help but think of you and Adrian..we love to burn leaves and smell like firefighters out in the forest! We're just certain Adrian would be interested in the process! And then, hot apple cider! We had such a great weekend at Adrian's birthday and look forward to more! Let me know if I can help with your trip to and miss you, Nana and Grampa

Jono said...

woo! arlington! maybe i should find me a little kid to take home to mom and dad too, just to scare them. although something tells me i'd be the only one thinking that joke is funny and it would probably be the last time i saw the light of day. i'll see you in january!

Anonymous said...


Oh. My. God.

How can I get to Arlington?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

Hello my darling. I will endeavor to drag Sandy down there must tell me whether you will be there over a weekend or not, so that we can make the attempt! Lovvins,