Thursday, December 08, 2005

(photo) An Adrian-sized tree. Posted by Picasa

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What a cute baby! We are worried that you are freezing to death because even us oldtime mid-westerners are at this point! We are counting the days until we can see you all! You left us very slim x-mas lists!
When you live in the mid-west there are several endearing local characters that many jokes spring up about..such as the Swedish couple of Ole and Lena...and Oli and Lena went to hell and were visited daily by the Devil. As the temperatures of Hell went up; Lena and Ole enjoyed themselves more and more. Dancing, singing, and roasting marshmellows. Every visit that the Devil made they commented on how they were enjoying hell compared to the freezing temperatures of Northern Wisconsin! The Devil decided to stop the fun and lowered the temp to below freezing....then visited Ole and Lena. He found them celebrating the cold. When he asked how they could be so happy, they replied, " why the Packers must have won the big game, hell has frozen over!" we can make fun of Swedes, Packer fans, and Wisconsin cheeseheads all in one joke! I have a million Ole and Lena jokes and Ole and his friend Sven jokes..enough to last all winter!
Nana and Grandpa