Friday, March 17, 2006

Big smiles

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We're home, and a sick mucusy mess are we.

We flew in Sunday, and by Monday we were filling tissues and hacking up phlegm nuggets. (how's that for a mental image?)
The trip home was only slightly less scarring than the trip out. We got our bags checked in without a problem, then headed over to the security check point. While waiting in line--literally 2 people away from the metal detecor--Adrian peed on me. Twice. I had him sitting on my hip and all of a sudden, my side felt very very warm. And all I could think was "oh. no." Because in the diaper bag of doom I had a complete change of clothes for him, while I had to dry my shirt out as best I could under the hand dryer in the ladies room. And the pee-pee pants? I threw them out. I wasn't in the mood to haul around a zip-loc bag with urine soaked pants inside.
So we get on the plane and we're in a seat next to someone--in the window side, and I can not get the attention of the flight attendants to see if we can move to one of the very very empty rows in back. So the whole flight, Adrian is squirming and kicking the lady next to us, who was very understanding--bless her soul.
Then we land in Chicago--20 minutes early and there's no sign of Aaron. And Adrian is going "Dada? Dada? Da? da?" b/c I told him that when we got off the plane, we'd see Dada. Aaron shows up at the time we were supposed to land, and my suitcase doesn't show up at all. They've failed to put it on the plane. Ergo, United I quit you. That's 2 times out of the past 3 that you've deemed my belongings not important enough to put on the plane.
And now my nose needs a kleenex and I need some hot tea.
Travel has kicked me in the teeth.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kara-
Cute picture of Adrian! He has teeth now, how adorable. I just wanted to drop a line and say 'hey'. This semester is going well with the exception of the news i got last night. The news: Cassidy, our black and white cat, passed away last night.Long story behind that, but everything else is going well. I've got to wrap this up b/c could go on for awhile.

Matt said...

Never fly on an airline in the midst of Bankrupcy. (Or with anyone who can't spell) Right. Just wanted to say "CUTE!" Then return to my stupor of Norco.