Tuesday, March 07, 2006

the gods must be crazy

Or I was past due.
Holee crap-today was the worst travel day I've ever had--worse that the time that I had to be re-booked and re-routed twice because I missed connecting flights. Worse than that time i drove back to Roanoke from Birmingham and someone peed in my car while we were sitting in Knoxville traffic. Worse than that time we went to the beach and got into a car accident on the side of the car where I was all curled up sleeping, peaceful-like. Worse than...
Okay. You get the idea.
I've traveled a lot. I like to travel--it's an excellent opportunity to test your comfort zone, try new things, and make lists (and boy-howdy do I love those lists!)
I take it as a given that with all of this travel, there will be a few rough trips. But today I found where the deep dark chasm of my patience ends. Today I thought "maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to leave Adrian on this plane"
Let's start our day at 6AM, per usual. Everyone gets up, gets dressed, Aaron makes coffee, changes & dresses Adrian, and I pack all of Adrian's sleepy-time possesions.

6:50AM-we're out the door. 5 minutes behind schedule, but nobody's sweating.
We manage to hit nearly every red light and fail to factor in going-to-work traffic. But that only adds 10 minutes to our journey.

7:35AM--we arrive at Midway, check in, check our bags, get boarding passes, blar-de-dar, easy peasy.

7:45AM--we go through security.

8AM--we get to our gate, and I troll Adrian down to the bathroom for a diaper change. He HATES diaper changes in public bathrooms. There needs to be a rehaul of diaper changing stations, complete with soft music, babycentric TVs nestled into the walls, and NO toilets that flush louder than Niagara Falls.

8:10AM--an announcement is made--the doom begins! Our plane has been diverted to O'Hare because of Fog conditions (damn you, fog), so we all need to make new arrangements. The lovely ticketing agents procure new flights, boarding passes and travel vouchers for us, so that we can take the shuttle from Midway to O'Hare. We have to go and procure our bags from the carousel and take them with us.

9AM--the shuttle leaves for O'Hare. Adrian quickly loses his interest in his carseatless journey and wants to wander about the van. As you can imagine, that was the biggest no-go ever.

9:45AM--arrive at O'Hare. I have to check this g-dforsaken suitcase because I cannot manage it and Adrian. I ask a ticket agent what do I do? I already have a boarding pass I just need to check this bag? I am directed to a self-check-in station. It doesn't work. I already have a boarding pass. I ask for help. I am told to try again. Meanwhile Adrian has decided to play: befriend the stranger. I yell at him to "COME! HERE!" in public. Without shame. I should mention at this point he's removed his shoes and socks and is a barefoot baby. I cannot get the accursed machine to help me. I give up and proceed to security, figuring I'll check the damned bag plane side. The security lady tells me they won't do that here and that I HAVE to check the suitcase. Back down the line I go, back around the corner, hauling Adrian who has decided that this is a good time to go limp. I am telling him that he has to help me and hold on when a service rep spots me and asks if I'd like a trolley. No, I tell her, I want to talk to a real person who can help me. I get my wish! I talk to Jeremy, who checks my bag lickety-split (I now harbor a secret crush on Jeremy for his can-do attitude and willingness to assist me).
Back through security we go, back through the diaper change routine, to our boarding area-where Adrian eats applesauce and charms old ladies and men in uniform.
10:54AM--we board the plane. For those of you familiar with Adrian's schedule, you'll realize that we are now 6 minutes away from nap time. Since he was not wearing a watch, Adrian mistook nap time for crazy-time. He fussed, fidgeted, pooped, screamed, and cried. Dee-lightful. And then, when we had landed, he rested his head against me and fell asleep. In that cute, super-exhausted way they do so that you can smell that little-kid smell wafting up from their hair and your heart melts and all is forgiven.
He slept until we walked through the doors at baggage claim. A total of 15 minutes.
ANd he was awake until he went to bed.
It was a looooong day.
ANd now I am going to bed.
please pardon all punctuationa nd spelling errors--I am too tired to proof.

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