Monday, April 03, 2006

Mountaineer Flecker

So when I talk about Adrian being a crazy, climbing monkey I'm not exaggerating. Here is photographic proof :Step one: climb into basket of clean laundry. (Also note that mom and dad could use some extra storage space for that giant pile of clean linens in the background)
Step two: hoist self onto bed, using foot rail as leverage.
Step three: smile pretty for the camera.
It's not just the bed. It's anywhere, everywhere all day long.

That's why I was hoping to burn some of this energy off with playdates (went fine, but J is almost 4, not almost 3 as I had thought), Gymboree music class (he was a little intimidated at first, but seemed to get the hang of it), and Story time at the library. There's no verdict yet on any of it, other than all that stuff wears me out.


Ellen said...

Step 4: pile up all the pillows and try to reach the windowsill. Step 5: Escape.

Matt said...

Well now, the trouble with trying to wear out child is that he has much more energy than you to begin with. Have you thought of a great big hampster wheel? That would be pretty eazy to build...

sarah said...

wow! my bubba's only 6 months old and already a handfull! i cant imagine him at 17 months full of energy! you have a beautiful little boy and you should be very proud of him!