Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Erica; here and gone.

A record of Erica's all-too-short visit:

Monday, noon:
Me: You have to take a nap so that after nap we can go get Erica from the train station.
Adrian: Erica?
Me: Yes, Erica is coming to see us. She's taking the train.
Adrian: Train?
Me: Yes, Erica is taking the people train to come and see us. But you have to take a nap or we can't go and get her.
Adrian: Night night.

Monday, 3pm:
Adrian and I head to the train station, only to find that Erica missed the stop because a) the conductor failed to announce it and b) she doesn't move at super-human speeds.
So we wait for her to come back the other way on the next train. During the wait, all of the stuff on the floorboards proved to be extremely useful in distracting Adrian from the fact that he was strapped into his car seat. We investigated deceased lady bugs, made puppets out of empty snack containers, and read some books that had escaped the diaper bag in months prior. That took 15 minutes. Then we got Erica, came home and Erica took Adrian outside to play while I made dinner (Thai fried rice with basil-yum!).
6pm: Adrian takes a bath and shows off for Erica, splashing and doing his impression of Elmo swimming.
7pm: Aaron comes home, Adrian goes to bed. I go to yoga (where I learn that I look like I'm 20). Erica and Aaron clean the kitchen (hooray!)
9pm: I get home. We all laze around until 10, at which point I go to bed.

Tuesday 6:30am:
Adrian wakes up. We go into the living room, where Erica is sleeping.
Adrian: sssh. Erica seeping.
Me: Yes, I see that.
Adrian: ssssh.
Teletubbies are watched, at 7 Erica wakes up. Coffee and breakfast are consumed.
At 8:45 we go outside. Bubbles are blown, plants are watered. Holes are dug, hostas are planted. Then we go to the park. On the way there, we pass a small bag of pot laying on the sidewalk. At the park we discover a condom and loose change.
Adrian: monee!
We show Adrian how to put money in his pockets and go home.

Lunch is eaten, Adrian puts hotwheels stickers on Erica's face.
Noon:Naptime for Adrian, and Erica gets ready to go.

22 hours of Erica just isn't enough.

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