Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Nana came to visit us and we went to Brookfield Zoo. As evident by Adrian's face, the zoo is serious business. Here we are in the very neat primate exhibit, where it rains indoors. Adrian has not been able to stop talking about it, except with his limited vocabulary it goes like this: monkey Nana kazoo monkey (points to ceiling) rain.
(Kazoo means the zoo)

Here is evidence that babies are babies, regardless of species. I have to say that the primate exhibit here makes me feel sad for the monkeys (and such) who live in zoos where they don't have access to interesting environments.

This was supposed to be the first picture in this series, but Blogger has it's own ideas about picture order. This was on the drive to Brookfield. Adrian was pretty impressed with his ability to wear sunglasses and pick his nose at the same time.
It's good to have goals, I guess.
What would a trip to the zoo be wthout visiting the elephants? I love elephants.
I'm not a tchotchke kind of girl.
But if you happen to know of a place where I could go and hang out with some elephants, that would be information I'd be interested in.

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