Sunday, December 31, 2006


First, a funny:

Adrian has become...insistent on privacy while filling his diaper with stinky mess. Last week we were in his bedroom playing and to achieve proper privacy for said act, he pulled out the bottom drawer of his dresser and stuck his head in.

Now, a not so funny:

Last night Aaron was in a car accident. He's o.k. (though sore and bruised), the other people are o.k., the car however was not so lucky. We are grateful that it wasn't worse, but slightly perplexed on how to work our schedules to allow for only one set of wheels. I realize people all over the world have done it for ages but it's new to us.


Nessa Mulheren said...

Arg - this still boggles me. although I'm glad everyone involved is okay. I hope you get your car back soon ducks! does your insurance cover a loaner at all?

internet marketing blog said...

The funny ...disgusting! hahahaa. The not funny...glad everyone was ok!