Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Here's A.D. playing in the snow.

I would've posted sooner, but Aaron killed the computer and now it refuses to install my photoshop and my computer won't connect to the internet and the whole thing is basically a big stinky electronic mess. whee!

Sunday we went to the Field Museum downtown to look at the dinosaur bones. Adrian's reaction to the hall of bones: holy crap. Right you are, kiddo. Those were some big mamma jammas.

And then? Monday Adrian started his Music 3 class--or as we've been calling it "big kid music class" wherein he is the youngest member rather than the oldest. It's taught by the same teacher, but there's a more physical aspect to it and he seems to enjoy it.

And then? I dunno. It's miserable cold here and I'm looking forward to spring. Or any time when it will be consistently over 32 degrees. I hate the cold. A lot.

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Kymberleigh said...

He's so cute in that picture!

And I'm with you, I hate the cold too.