Thursday, January 25, 2007

Slacker Mommy

I have pictures for you, but I just haven't shrunk them in photoshop so that I can cram them into one post and you can follow along, so you'll just have to hope I get my act together this weekend while Aaron is around to distract Adrian.
First: it snowed! And Adrian played in it, ate it, and generally enjoyed it the way kids are supposed to.
Then: How about that Bears game?! Granted I only saw the 2nd half because I'm not much of a football fan and I was asleep for the first half, but I have to say it was a bad day to be a Saint.
Nextly: I had my sonogram Tuesday. The baby is, in fact, a baby and not a two headed space monkey, so that's good. We're going to have to continue to call the baby Winky however as the little stinker kept his/her legs closed the entire time. That's right we're having a gender-as-yet-unspecified baby! So much for waiting until we knew to register, hunh?
And then: Adrian has mastered climbing out of his bed, a la Harry Houdini. It's a terrifying thing to watch and I've asked him not to do it any more. I'm sure one morning we'll wake up to his cheerful face by the side of the bed...or quite possibly to the sounds of him rummaging the pantry for tasty snacks.
In closing: It has been a busy week. I will endeavor to update (with pictures) more often than once a week.

All hail Caesar.

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Anonymous said...

Better a cheerful face than little fingers in your nose. Ask me how I know.