Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Our morning at the shrine to commercialism

This morning we took Adrian to the Build-A-Bear Workshop at the mall to make a lovey for himself and one for his impending sister. Aunt Toots had given us gift cards for this purpose waaay back at Christmas and we figured it might make more sense to wait until we were really close to baby day before we went.
Adrian chose Big Bird for himself and a bunny for Fiona. This is him saying "Thanks, Aunt Toots!"

And once you've finished the choosing/stuffing/fluffing/dressing you get to type in some quick info and you get a birth certificate for your bundle of fluff. As a side note; Adrian's Big Bird was outfitted in a spider man t-shirt and a construction hard hat.

Then we ate lunch, rode the train (which gets an enthusiastic thumbs up) and came home.

I also popped into the Williams & Sonoma, which is my happy place.... Although Starbucks makes me pretty happy, too--and they just opened one across from our neighborhood. I haven't been in yet because if I do, I fear I may not want to ever leave.

And for those of you counting down: 16 DAYS TO BABY!

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