Thursday, June 07, 2007

7 and counting


And I am remarkably unconcerned about the whole thing, really. Maybe it's because I know what to expect, maybe it's because this time it's scheduled rather than whenever the baby feels like it, maybe it's because I'm too busy with Adrian to really think about anything farther away than two days from now. Whatever the reason, the only thing I feel I really have to do between now and then is get a haircut. And probably schedule one for Adrian, too.

I am losing steam in other areas of my domesticity. For example, I really think that sandwiches for dinner is a fantastic idea. And while I know that the living room floor needs to be vacuumed I just don't feel like picking up all of Adrian's toys to get that accomplished. I am currently trying out for the title of world champion butt-sitter and I have to say I think I'm a contender.

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