Monday, June 18, 2007

Monkey see, monkey do and other toddler fun

Adrian: My belly hurts. I need staples too. (Staples courtesy of Grandma and an eyeliner pencil)

Watching Fiona sleep...
Adrian: Fiona smiled!
Kara: Do you think she's dreaming?
Adrian: Yes.
Kara: What do you think she's dreaming about?
Adrian: Mommy's boobies.

Kara sets Adrian's dinner plate in front of him at the table. He pats her poochy belly. "Fiona's back inside!"

(Again from Grandma)


Amber said...

Your world is full of adorable! :D

Anonymous said...


You and your husband do very fine work! She's perfect and beautiful in every way. Obviously some of your best work is done in bed ;)! Blessings and joy to you as your family grows.

Natalie Gessert

Nessa said...

oh holy crap I haven't laughed that hard in days. the cute, it ows, as Amber says.

Mommy's boobies indeed.