Sunday, October 14, 2007

Barb & Dave, this one's for you!

As Adrian approaches his 3rd birthday (as the asteroid hurtles towards the Earth), one of the most startling changes he is undergoing would be the development of his imagination. This has resulted in numerous hours spent pretending to be someone else. Most notably Nick (his cousin) or Shana (another cousin).When Adrian is pretending to be Nick he is doing big boy things: playing ball, helping in the kitchen, or watching TV on the couch. Shana, on the other hand, has become a scapegoat for all activities forbidden or dangerous. Example?

Me: Adrian, don't climb the back of the couch.
Adrian: Shana doos that. I'm Shana!

Adrian: I'm Shana. Watch me jump on the stairs!
Me: I don't think so, buddy.
Adrian: Shana does do that.

All little boys should be delivered with notices that read:
Upon the approach of my third birthday I will be seized with the need to run, jump, and climb at every available opportunity. It is your responsibility to prevent my untimely end in these matters. Best of luck to you!

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Anonymous said...

Fine postings and photos. congratulations.