Thursday, October 25, 2007

Photos of our busyness

Warning! What you are about to witness is pure hideousness!

A vile trashcan invading possum! I don't understand how anyone could find these animals to be cute--look at it! Gaah! The horror! (To reward you for your bravery, there are pictures of Adrian and Fiona to follow)

Nothin' says "good morning" like a face full of chocolate donut.

Fiona in the exersaucer! She seems to be growing here to compare with Adrian in the same device.

Whoops! Haha... I just realized that this is sideways. Oh well. Here is Adrian's dino costume courtesy of The Dude (Jim King)...although AD puts it on and declares "I'm an inguana!"

So there you have it--photos from the land of busy. Now I have to go and work on a graphic design project for some dudes. Whee!

1 comment:

Amber said...

Is the possum dead?

I don't care for them, but I think they can be cute at times.

Your INGUANA is adorable!! :D

How are YOU, Miss Kara?