Monday, March 09, 2009

Meet Rhianna!

Hey! We adopted a dog. Because I am crazy. Crazy for chaos. Her name is Rhianna, she's a 2 year old english coonhound. She is sweet and gentle and AMAZING with the kids. She is also scared of the cats (they are pretty pleased with that).

Adrian is currently enamored of her. He talks to her, feeds her, trails after her and makes sure that she is never lonely. He is so enamored of her that this morning he didn't even turn the TV on. Fiona cries whenever Rhianna goes outside. Did I mention that this dog is housetrained? That right there is a whole bag of weasels I can completely avoid. So, she's keeping us entertained and we're making sure the kids don't love on her too much....And Aaron the self-proclaimed hater of dogs has said that he might like to get another coonhound in the future. (behold the miracle of a good dog!)


Anonymous said...

What, you don't like weasels?

Nessa said...

She's lovely. Those are some seriously snuggly ears, right there.

Anonymous said...

Lovely dog. Great find. Seems like you will be really happy with her. I love hounds.

But WHAT is that dog doing up on the furniture? No, no, no.

Furniture is for people. Your guests will thank you (first for the lack of dog hair - and other things dogs are not so clean about - on their clothes( and hands, faces, in mouths, oh my!) and second for not having a dog climb on them while they are sitting there trying to visit with you).

Really, Kara!

Your Da.

Nessa said...

Dear Dad Decarlo. Why do you think it is called FURniture?

You are very silly and should not take things so seriously. Love us, love our pets.

Really, Dad!

Your Nessa

Anonymous said...

Ghosts Nessa - Ghosts


Nessa said...

Dad, you are haunted by the Ghosts of Shedding Canines Past - and Outraged House Guests?

I am very sorry to hear it. I am haunted, instead, by the Ghosts of Blue Tits Past, the Ghosts of Pratchett References Past, the Ghosts of Leather Pants Past, the Ghosts of Are You Here Alone and Do You Want It To Stay That Way? Past, the Ghosts of Things I Said In the Heat of the Moment Past...I don't have much time for things that don't make me laugh. I try to be haunted only by the amusing, the anecdotal, the charming, or the strange. The bloody boring and plebian can go haunt someone else.

Evidently they can go haunt you.

If a guest is coming into THIS house, they know what they're getting into ahead of time. And what they are getting into is three cats, 9 sheep, 40,000 honeybees, and two huge, shedding, drooling dogs. You think a little hair on the couch is a concern? When you enter MY house, the first thing I do after exchanging hugs is hand you a towel for self-defense. No one that comes here wears anything but wash-and-wear clothing.

In return for not giving two figs if there's dog hair on my couch, or drool on my guests, I get to share my life with a) two fantastic dogs and b) the people that are willing to accept them as part of the package that is me. It helps weed out the insincere, actually. Life is too short to waste time on the insincere.

Besides, I married a relatively well-off man and that means I get to be eccentric.